Salem-Keizer Public Schools to Hold Community Meetings to Discuss the Proposed $619.7 Million Bond

On Tuesday, April 3, Salem-Keizer Public Schools will hold the first of six scheduled community meetings regarding the proposed $619.7 million bond on the May 15 ballot. The proposed bond would address overcrowding, expand career-technical (vocational) education opportunities, expand science classrooms, and increase safety and security in schools.

The first meeting will be held on April 3 at 6 p.m. in the library at West Salem High School at 1776 Titan Drive NW in Salem. Parents, employees and interested community members are encouraged to attend and learn and ask questions about how the proposed bond will impact schools and the educational environment. The meeting also will be streamed live on Facebook,

Subsequent meetings are planned in each high school neighborhood:

Each meeting will focus on plans specific to the schools in the neighborhood, however information about all schools will be available. All meetings begin at 6 p.m.

If passed by voters on May 15, the proposed $619.7 million bond would increase the current property tax levy rate by an estimated $1.24 per $1,000 of assessed property value. If the bond is not passed, the additional tax would not be levied and the listed projects would not be completed. The Community Facilities Task Force reviewed all funding methods available to the district and recommended the School Board place a general obligation bond on the ballot for voters to consider. The district would receive an $8 million grant from the state if the bond passes.

More information about the proposed bond is available online at

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Tutoring Survey – Encuesta sobre tutoria

Please take a moment to follow the link and complete this survey.  This survey is intended to gather information about how your child(ren) might use tutors if they were available to students. Your child or family will not be identified by the information in this survey. You may complete this survey more than once for multiple children.

Por favor, tómese un momento para completar esta encuesta.  El objetivo de esta encuesta es recopilar información sobre cómo su hijo(s) pudiera beneficiarse de la ayuda de un tutor en caso de que hubiese tutores disponibles. Su hijo(a) y su familia no serán identificados por la información de esta encuesta. Usted puede completar esta encuesta más de una vez si tiene varios hijos.

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