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Waldo Middle School Groundbreaking August 15, 2019

Please join us as we celebrate the start of construction at Waldo Middle School on Thursday, August 15 at 10 a.m. as part of the 2018 Bond Program!

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Waldo Groundbreaking Flyer

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Spotlight on Success: Math Teams from Straub and Waldo Middle Schools

Ninety seventh- and eighth-grade students from seven of our middle schools, along with teams from Corvallis and Woodburn, competed in the 36th annual Pentagames Middle School Math Contest earlier this month at Straub Middle School.

The Pentagames is organized by volunteer teachers and retired teachers from the Willamette Valley. Straub was one of seven sites across Oregon holding a Pentagames competition on May 3, 2019, and more than 25 volunteers, including 10 Straub AVID 8 students, were on site to facilitate the events on the day of the competition.

A Pentagames team consists of three seventh-grade math students, three eighth-grade math students, and three Algebra/Open math students. Students compete in five events that challenge their mathematics knowledge in a variety of formats, both team and individual. The day concludes with a math relay and awards.

Although many awards were given out during each of the five events, two schools received trophies for achieving the distinction of placing in the top three overall out of the nine schools competing at our site.

  • Straub Middle School won First Place overall
  • Waldo Middle School won Third Place overall

Congratulations to Waldo and Straub for placing in the top three overall in this year’s Pentagames competition. And to the eighth-graders from both school, we hope to see you compete with your high schools next year at the Chemeketa Regional High School Math Contest!

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Waldo Middle School Adding a Make-Up Day / La Escuela Intermedia Waldo agregará un día al calendario académico escolar

Because of inclement weather-related school closures earlier this year, Salem-Keizer Public Schools added a make-up day to the academic calendar. All schools except four set to start bond construction this summer are adding one day back to the calendar. The staff at the four schools starting construction would instead use the extra day to pack up and move out so construction could begin inside the buildings.

Waldo was originally planned to pack and move out of the school to accommodate construction. However, there’s been a switch in the order of construction and instead of vacating the school this summer, Waldo offices will stay put this year and move out for the summer of 2020.

Because Waldo doesn’t need an extra day to pack up, the school will add the make-up day to the calendar.

This means the last day for Waldo Middle School students will be an early release day on Thursday, June 13. Grading day for Waldo staff will be Friday, June 14.

Please see the updated calendar on the district website.

The overall construction schedule at Waldo is not changing. Construction is on track to begin this summer at Waldo on the exterior of the building and all work is expected to be substantially complete by fall of 2020. The order of work to be done has been revised to make sure the materials needed for the project are delivered on schedule and to keep our school improvements on track and on time.

Thank you for your flexibility during construction. It can sometimes be unpredictable, but we are excited to get started on the improvements for our school and appreciate your support!

La Escuela Intermedia Waldo agregará un día al calendario académico escolar

A causa de los cierres escolares al principio del año debido al tiempo inclemente, las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer agregaron un día adicional al calendario académico escolar. Todas las escuelas agregarán un día a su calendario académico; con excepción de las cuatro escuelas que comenzarán el proceso de trabajos de remodelación durante este verano; por lo que el personal de esas cuatro escuelas utilizará el día adicional para empacar y desalojar sus cosas para que la construcción de comienzo.

Originalmente, Waldo planeó empacar y desalojar el edificio escolar para dar comienzo a las labores de construcción, sin embargo, debido un cambio en el orden de las labores de construcción y en lugar de desocupar el edificio escolar este año, las oficinas de Waldo serán desalojadas para el verano del 2020 para su remodelación.

Debido a que la escuela Waldo no necesita el día libre para empacar, la escuela agregará un día adicional al calendario académico escolar.

Esto significa que el último día escolar para los estudiantes de la Escuela Intermedia Waldo será el jueves 13 de junio, siendo este un día de salida temprana. El viernes 14 de junio, será el día que los maestros elaborarán las calificaciones.

Por favor, consulte el calendario escolar actualizado en el sitio web del distrito.

La programación general de los trabajos de construcción en Waldo no ha cambiado. Los trabajos de construcción darán comienzo durante este verano en la parte exterior del edificio y se espera que la finalicen sustancialmente para el otoño de 2020. El orden de los trabajos de construcción a realizarse ha sido revisado para asegurarse de que los materiales necesarios para el proyecto se entreguen a tiempo y para mantener la programación de los trabajos de construcción en marcha y a tiempo.

Agradecemos su flexibilidad durante la etapa de construcción. Estamos muy felices de comenzar las mejoras para nuestra escuela y apreciamos su apoyo.

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Screenagers: Living in the Digital Age – April 11, 16

On April 11 and April 16, we invite you to join us and area professionals for screenings of the critically acclaimed documentary, Screenagers. This film focuses on the struggles facing our kids concerning social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Attendees will view the film followed by a Q&A panel of community leaders from SKPS, Salem and Keizer police departments and Marion County Health and Human Services.

This event is free to attend and open to all; however, students and families in middle and high school are especially encouraged to attend. Spanish interpretation will be available at each screening.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Prevention and Protection Coordinator Debbie Joa at joa_debbie@salkeiz.k12.or.us.

Thursday, April 11 | 6–8 p.m.
Chemeketa Community College
4000 Lancaster Drive NE., Salem

Tuesday, April 16 | 6–8 p.m.
Salem Public Library
585 Liberty St. SE., Salem

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[UPDATED] SKPS School Year Extended By One Day Due to Inclement Weather Make-Up

***Story has been updated to reflect the removal of Waldo Middle School from the exceptions list, which NOW ONLY includes Judson, North Salem and McNary.

Because of those inclement weather-related school closures, all Salem-Keizer Public Schools, with the exception of three secondary schools scheduled for major construction, will add one day to the 2018-19 school calendar. The updated calendar does not apply to Judson, North Salem or McNary – those schools remain on the original calendar so major construction will not be delayed.

*Please note that should any day be missed moving forward, SKPS will revisit the calendar to ensure compliance with state standards.*

Details On 2018-19 School Calendar Changes:

  • High School Finals – FORMERLY June 10-12, NOW June 11-13
  • Elementary Last Day – FORMERLY June 11, NOW June 12
  • Elementary Grading Days – FORMERLY June 12-13, NOW June 13-14
  • Secondary Last Day – FORMERLY June 12, NOW June 13
  • Middle School Early Release – FORMERLY June 12, NOW June 13
  • Secondary Grading Day – FORMERLY June 13, NOW June 14

Updated Calendars For All Schools EXCEPT Judson, North Salem and McNary

Click the links for the updated calendars in English and Spanish.

Original Calendars for Judson, North Salem and McNary ONLY

Click the links for the calendar for Judson Middle, McNary High and North Salem High in English and Spanish.

Click the link to visit the Calendar page on the district website.


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Salem-Keizer Board of Directors Votes to Approve Boundary Adjustments

The Salem-Keizer Board of Directors voted 5-2 last night to approve the boundary adjustment proposal brought forward by the Boundary Review Task Force. Directors Blasi and Lippold opposed. The boundary adjustments will go into effect for the 2019-20 school year and only apply to incoming kindergarten through third-graders, sixth-graders and ninth-graders. Students entering grades four, five, seven, eight, 10, 11 and 12 will not be impacted by the boundary adjustments. Transportation will be provided both for students in the new boundaries and those who are not impacted by the boundary adjustments and will be continuing in their existing schools. Students enrolled in special programs will continue in those special programs.

Families impacted by the boundary adjustments will receive personalized letters in their preferred language in the coming days detailing the transition. Maps are available at schools to review the 36 areas of Salem and Keizer impacted by the adjustments.

The Boundary Review Task Force is a 45-member volunteer committee comprised of representatives from the special education community, PCUN, Mano a Mano, Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality, Salem-Keizer NAACP and all geographic regions.

Thanks to the community’s passage of a bond in May, SKPS will invest $619.7 million in Salem and Keizer in the form of school expansions, renovations and improvements over the next five to six years. Boundary adjustments will shift students away from crowded conditions and into these new, improved learning environments.

To view the boundary adjustments website, click here.

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Marion Co. Health & Human Services: No Confirmed Cases of Measles in Marion County | Servicios Humanos y de Salud del Condado de Marion: No se han presentado casos confirmados de sarampión en el Condado de Marion

Marion County Health & Human Services has asked us to share this information with you regarding a measles outbreak in Clark County, Washington.

“Due to the current measles outbreak investigation in Clark County, Washington, we’ve received numerous questions about the local county public health response in schools. Below (linked PDF), you’ll find a list of standard procedures related to communicable disease in educational and childcare settings. We’d like to remind everyone that there are currently no confirmed cases of measles in Marion County.”

Please see this information in PDF format for more details, visit the Marion County Health & Human Services website or call them at 503-588-5621.

Servicios Humanos y de Salud del Condado de Marion: No se han presentado casos confirmados de sarampión en el Condado de Marion

Acerca del sarampión:

  • El sarampión es una enfermedad viral contagiosa que puede propagarse por el aire cuando una persona enferma con sarampión tose o estornuda. También puede propagarse por contacto directo con la secreción nasal y saliva de alguien enfermo con sarampión.
  • Los síntomas del sarampión comienzan con fiebre, tos, secreción nasal y ojos rojos, seguidos de una erupción roja que generalmente comienza en la cabeza o la cara y se extiende al resto del cuerpo.
  • Las personas son contagiosas con el sarampión durante cuatro días antes de que aparezca la erupción y hasta cuatro días después de que aparezca la erupción.
    Después de que una persona susceptible está expuesta al sarampión, los síntomas generalmente se desarrollan en 1 a 2 semanas, pero pueden desarrollar hasta 3 semanas.
  • Las complicaciones del sarampión incluyen infección del oído, infección pulmonar y, en casos raros, inflamación del cerebro.
  • Aproximadamente 1 de cada 1000 niños mueren de sarampión.
  • Cualquier persona que no sea inmune al sarampión y crea que tiene síntomas de sarampión debe comunicarse con su proveedor de atención médico o atención de urgencia por teléfono para hacer arreglos para evitar exponer a otros al virus.
  • Las personas se consideran inmunes al sarampión si se cumple alguna de las siguientes condiciones:
    • Usted es un niño en edad preescolar con al menos 1 año de edad con una vacuna contra el sarampión (MMR – sarampión, paperas, rubéola).
    • Usted es un niño en edad escolar actualmente en el grado K o superior o un adulto que ha recibido dos vacunas contra el sarampión (MMR – sarampión, paperas, rubéola).
    • Usted nació antes de 1957.
    • Ha tenido la enfermedad del sarampión (diagnosticada por un proveedor de atención médica y confirmada con una prueba de laboratorio).
  • Ha tenido un análisis de sangre que demuestra que es inmune al sarampión.
  • Cualquier persona que tenga preguntas sobre la infección por sarampión o la vacuna contra el sarampión debe llamar a su proveedor médico generalo al departamento de salud de su condado local:
    • Marion County Health & Human Services, 503-588-5621
  • Para mayor información:
    • Visite la página web de los Servicios Humanos y Salud del Condado del Marion: www.co.marion.or.us/HLT/Pages/Measles.aspx
    • Llamar 2-1-1 para obtener la información más reciente de la Autoridad de Salud de Oregón (OHA, por sus siglas en inglés) sobre el sarampión
2019-06-11T12:38:01-08:00January 30th, 2019|

About the Boundary Adjustment Process

The district has created resources to help explain the boundary adjustment process. If adopted by the Salem-Keizer School Board on February 12, the proposed boundary adjustments would go into effect in Fall 2019.

Parents and guardians of students who could change schools because of boundary adjustment will receive a letter soon as firm information is available — prior to the Feb. 12 vote if possible, or immediately after the vote.

Here’s a timeline that describes what to expect, in English and Spanish. The boxes on the timeline include information about the process.

These resources on the district website show proposed changes.

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Food, Festivities & Fun

Join us during Winter Break for FREE lunch, FREE books,FREE interactive crafts, board games, reading & much more!

DECEMBER 26, 27, 28
JANUARY 2, 3, 4
Free lunch 12 pm–1 pm
Free activities 12 pm–1 pm


For more information contact Nutrition Services at 503-399-3091

comida, festividades y diversión

Almuerzo GRATIS, libros GRATIS, manualdades interactivas, juegos de mesa, lectura y mucho más!

de diciembre 26, 27, 28
de enero 2, 3, 4
almuerzo gratis 12 pm–1 pm
actividades gratis 12 pm–1 pm


Para obtener más información, llame a los Servicios de Nutriciónal 503-399-3091

Child Nutrition Programs Partners

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Every Day 24J

Missing a day or two of school may not seem like a big deal, but that time matters. If a student misses just two days of school a month, by the end of the year, that adds up to an entire month of lost instruction.

At Salem-Keizer Public Schools, we want all of our students to graduate prepared for successful lives. Students who regularly attend school are more likely to graduate, setting the stage for success in college and higher rates of employability.

Be there all day, every day in District 24J.